Plug and direct mould milling, automated trimming

The Zimmerman FZ 35 milling machine can handle medium and large master models of tooling blocks or aluminum simultaneously on 5 axis. One of the largest table-sized machines in Hungary is capable of high-speed machining of blocks up to 4 meters x 2.9 meters x 1.25 meters. With our smaller table-size model milling machine, we perform the automated trimming and drilling of finished parts with the assistance of vacuum positioning.

Zimmerman FZ-35 marógép Zimmerman FZ-35 marógép Készalkatrészek sorjázása Készalkatrészek sorjázása

Mould manufacturing and prototyping

Mold manufacturing on the basis of optimized CAD models. Prototyping and pre-series production provides the possibility for the customer to carry out tests, assembly trials, and final modifications on the parts. After the approval of the first sample the final geometry of the part is defined. No shrinkage GFRP two sided moulds or aluminum moulds are manufactured for the serial production. Mold manufacturing and first sample carried out within 12 weeks after the order.

Automated cutting

With our SMRE 381-TA automated cutting machine, or so-called plotter we can cut high-precision layouts from our reinforcement material, based on optimized 2D nesting models, with minimal waste ratio. It is possible to cut glass, kevlar and carbon fiber with an octagonal rotating knife. With the help of the milling module, PET, PVC foam and balsa wood boards can be milled. The 3 x 1.8 meter cutting area is divided into 4 separately switchable vacuum zones under the conveyorbelt. The maximum cutting speed is 35 m / min.

Auomatizált vágás
Rtm szerszám Rtm szerszám Rtm szerszám

(Resin Transfer Moulding)

Highly productive technology for GFRP parts with the help of 2 sided moulds. According to the size of the series we suggest light RTM, which uses vacuum for mould closure and for the resin flow, for 1000 parts or less series sizes, or the heavy RTM technique, where an individual pressing equipment is providing the mould closure. The cycle time is 120 minutes, due to the integrated cooling/heating system in the mould. This allows up to 4 demouldings per shift in comparison to hand layup techniques with 1 demoulding. Metric inserts and counter parts of the assembly can be integrated on the B side of the parts. The two sides of the parts possess same surface quality, and thanks to the environment friendly closed regime, styrene emission is much less.

(Reactive Injection Molding)

Using Krauss Maffei and Hennecke axial and piston pump metering machines, we produce shaped PUR parts with a cycle time of a few minutes.With the help of available hydraulically closing mold carriers and the typically aluminum tools, we can produce the full range of the Urethane material family, including soft integral foams, which are elastomer-like, rigid foams and non-foaming compact systems.

Axiáldugattyús fröccsöntőgép Fröccsöntőgép Fröccsöntött készelemek Fröccsöntőgép Fröccsöntőgép Fröccsöntött készelemek
Fröccsöntőgép Vákuumformázó berendezés Vákuumformázott elem Vákuumformázott elem Vákuumformázott elem

Vacuum forming

Non reinforced thermoplastic technology with high productivity. The ABS or PP sheets, locked on a frame are heated by infrared heaters up to melting point. The fully automated process is blowing a bubble of the sheet, then the positive mould is raising into that bubble from below, finally vacuum is applied to pull the melted sheet on the mould. the plate size is 2200x1200, and depth of the forming is 800 mm.

Surface treatment and painting

Our company supplies ready-to-paint or finished items to its partners. The finished parts are 100 % quality controlled, prepared for packaging and delivered.

Felület előkészítő állomások

Surface preparation

After part production the trimming, drilling and the surface preparation of the parts begins. During the process possible defects on the surface are investigated and repaired. In the next step, the surfaces are sanded with excenter.

Sandblasting cabin

For degreasing surfaces and for pre-painting surface treatment the sandblasting cabin is an essential step in our work process. The 3x3 meter cabin works as a closed system, the abrasive material is recycled.

Homokfúvó kabin
Painting chambers

Painting chambers

Priming and topcoats are done in 2 Blowtherm extraction cabins. With the two cabins, each with an area of ​​20 square meters, we have the option to base paint, structure and high glosssurface covering. We provide our automotive customers “A class” surface quality.

Postcure Cabin

To achieve maximal mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) systems, postcure is required. During postcure, the final geometry of the part is fixed. Both heating and cooling are performed on defined temperature-time ramp up curves.

Postcure Cabin